Interior Design Services

It’s important as a designer to convey a style to your clients so they may decide to work with you or not. It’s difficult for me to say if I have a signature style as I bounce back and forth from:

  • the vacation homeowner with an investment property who is looking to make a profit and appeal to vacationers picking from a 1000’s of homes
  • the second homeowner who chooses to create a wonderful place to escape their busy life
  • the homeowner who needs guidance because of the overwhelming options available today

Each job is customized and completely different from the next. I love the opportunity to try new design styles that are out of my comfort zone. I have discovered that most of my clients request a place that evokes a feeling; like being on vacation, escaping day-to-day, or relaxation. So after almost ten years of designing, I have learned the psychology behind the colors we choose and how a room can influence everything from productivity to mood.

design services

Asia Evans has a signature design style that is relaxing and ethereal; combining colors found in our coastal environment, classic furniture styles to be functional and beautiful for years to come. OBX Interiors one-on-one Design Services offer complete assistance on your project from start to finish.

shopping assistance

Our Personal Shopping Services are ideal for the customer who completely loses focus in the overwhelming search for furnishings, or you are too busy to come into town to shop for your vacation home in order to get it rental ready by spring. So shop smarter, save time & money using our services to get just what you need.

Rental Cottage Redo

No designer on the beach has more experience outfitting rental cottages than Asia. Our goal is to achieve the balance between spending the right amount in the right way to achieve a fantastic visual appeal for your rental home. We also concentrate on selecting the most durable materials in the market.

digital design inspirations

How would you like to receive a customized Digital Design Inspiration delivered right to your inbox? This service walks you through how to measure your space, then after the consultation and allotted time, you’ll receive a custom Digital Design Inspiration ready for execution.